Acoustic Wall Systems


Acoustic separation is designed to reduce unwanted noise penetrating through walls from one room to another, in particular airborne noises such as conversations, television and music.

At Inspired Noise Solutions we can provide soundproofing wall systems that have been designed to offer the highest level of noise reduction coupled with ease of installation.

Acoustic wall systems can be designed in a variety of ways to achieve higher sound transmission class. Double-wall construction provides total acoustical separation of the two walls with an air space which is typically filled with a sound-absorbing insulation. This is very effective but takes additional floor space and is more costly than single-wall constructions. Staggered stud walls are a compromise between double-wall and single-wall construction but sound flanking is transmitted through the shared base plate and top plate. Resilient isolation elements can create the acoustical break necessary for high performance in a single-wall assembly. INS products create this break while ensuring the wall isn’t “short-circuited” during the construction process, a common problem inherent with other methods of wall isolation.


Sound Insulation Wall Clip

Effective sound control at low installed cost featuring a low profile design and error free installation. Model IsoMax delivers the best performance for the fewest amount spent to build noise control seperated walls.


Wall Sway Braces

Where double-wall assemblies are used for high levels of sound control, it is often necessary to brace one wall against the other. Rigid bracing transmits sound through structural vibration and reduces performance.


Wall Base and Top Isolation

Sound energy on a wall will also propagate vertically into the floor and ceiling where it is rigidly attached. In noise-critical applications, wall isolation material supporting the base of the wall and resilient restraint brackets at the top of the wall will minimize these flanking paths for sound.